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Click Here: During long periods of stress, seasonal changes, or when you're feeling a bit under the weather is the best time to support your immune system.* Our unique immunity blend contains probiotics, resilient herbs, powerful nutrients, and potent phytonutrient properties for supporting your immune system for any season.* Immunity will help activate key players of the immune system for an efficient and well-functioning response to potential problems.*


Immunity - Help Enhance your Body's Natural Defenses*

The gut contains 70-80% of the body's immune cells which  is a critical part of your immune health. When our gut isn't in good condition we tend to be more prone to colds, infections, and acne.  Combine Immunity with the rest of Silver Fern's™ gut focused supplements to help maximize your body's immune defenses.* It's time to take control of your immune system!*

  • Supports a healthy immune system*
  • Helps to support good bacteria*
  • May help reduce the duration and severity when you are feeling under the weather*
  • May help reduce common seasonal symptoms (runny nose, cough, sneezing, itchy eyes, etc.)*
  • Helps to weaken the impact of harmful foreign invaders to the body*
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