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About Me

An Evolving Story...

Well, the truth is, I've become a Holistic Health nut!

After many years of struggling with stress and depression, I started using the Law of Attraction to create my best life. When I really looked at who I am, I realized that my best life has always been helping others! Over the last four years I have been studying the best path to Holistic Health. I now have diplomas in Buddhism, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Holistic Health. I have learned just how important Balance is in life, or more importantly, how easy it is to fall out of Balance. I have also found that there are, sadly, some less than quality products and companies out there. I felt it important to provide a safe place for you to come for the highest quality Holistic Health products. Soaps, shampoo's, lotions, essential oils, and more. We have organic supplements for sleep, mood, and function improvement.  We research each company to ensure quality and integrity for our customers. The Mindful Whole also offers guided Meditations and Mindfulness exercises. Live classes and downloadable material to use on the go. I am currently being Certified as both a Life and Health Coach, as well as a Certified Mindfulness Teacher. As your Coach I will guide you into your Best Balance, as your Teacher I will make it sustainable, and I am committed to providing just that! So I built this site to offer people some balance, safety, and convenience in this fast paced, and often stressful world. 


the Mindful Whole, Healthy and Sustainable Balance...Holistic Style!

Free Your Mind, Heal Your Body, and Embrace Your Spirit!

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