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"Finding Balance" Coaching Conversation

Creating Healthy and Sustainable Balance... Holistic Style!

  • 1 hour
  • Zoom meetings

Service Description

This is a first step, and it is an important one. It is just a conversation, (about an hour) where we discover what in your Life or Health is out of balance. We will also discover what makes you feel the most alive! I will explain in detail what you can expect from me, and what I expect from my clients. It's actually pretty fun, and casual while we get to know one another. Sustainable Balance, so essential for a healthy and happy life, and it is the same for all living things. For us humans, it's not always so simple, for we tend to create most of our suffering mindlessly. Our depression, anxiety, diet, career, finance, and romantic dis-orders, are almost all caused by an imbalance. Often we can't seem to get ahead of it, find a path out of it, or even realize an imbalance exists. We often think, "this is just how life is". I struggled with multiple dis-orders for a long time, until I decided to do something about it! I started studying about limiting beliefs. You've heard this term before I'm sure. Well, digging into mine literally changed my life, my outlook about life, and my mindset about who I Am. And now, I'm a Certified Life and Health Coach, and a Certified Mindfulness Teacher. What I do now is help people do what I have done...consciously create my best life. That started with looking at what was not balanced first. The great thing about my coaching technique is that not only do I help you uncover the imbalance, but together we create a Healthy and Sustainable Balance…Holistic Style, just for you. I don't leave you with a void, and it's that void that causes people to fall back into unhealthy habits, and why most diets fail. We work together for your best interest and experiment with new ideas and insights. As the sessions progress your own innate wisdom begins to open up. This is how my coaching clients experience a transformative level of habit change. These programs are designed to find your best self and propel that self wherever it wishes to go! In essence becoming...Mindfully Whole; a balanced and thriving human being! To become Mindfully Whole takes action and intention and you have already taken action. It is moments just like now, when the fear kicks in, and doubt or insecurities come to the surface. But, you are tired of that, so book your... "Finding Balance" call with me today. It's free, it's fun, and it's informative! One more action, one call, and your on your way to Healthy and Sustainable Balance...Holistic Style!

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1709 Abelia Rd, Fallston, MD 21047, USA

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