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The Best and Worst of Essential Oils

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

I have recently learned that there are many differences to essential oils. The actual effects can change due to how they are manufactured and what soil the original plant was grown in. I would love to hear some stories!

Here is why I chose to work with SAVHERA...

All about dignity

In 2017, professor and human trafficking scholar, Dr. Vanessa Bouché, sat on the floor of a medical clinic in the red light district in Delhi, India when one woman named Pushpa boldly stated, "I need dignified employment to get out of this dirty business." Dr. Bouché vowed to help. Savhera was birthed to provide Pushpa and women like her dignified employment. A job with Savhera offers a pathway to holistic wellness + renewal for survivors of sex trafficking while Savhera's sustainably-sourced products provide holistic wellness + renewal for everyone else.

SAVHERA provides:

PHYSICAL Medical + dental health; hygiene; safe, secure, and dignified living conditions; geographic mobility; exercise; nutrition INTELLECTUAL Literacy; math; computer training; vocational skills; freedom of thought and expression; explore curiosities; experimentation and creativity ECONOMIC Financial inclusion + literacy; bank accounts; budgeting; pay/resolve debts; develop assets; explore ways to give back SPIRITUAL Mental health; emotional healing; mindfulness; meditation; self-discovery; personality assessments for 10% OFF!!!

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