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Life & Health Coaching - Mindfulness Classes - Meditation & Movement

Holistic Health is... All About the Balance!

Free your Mind, Heal your Body & Embrace your Spirit

What I do as theMindfulCoach is to help people connect to their truth,

learn how to follow that truth, and begin fully expressing their personal power!

I see each person as unique, so I like to design personalized programs to fit your specific needs and preferences. Please browse through the comprehensive range of services and products below

to learn more about what theMindfulWhole can do for you.


90 Days to... Own Your Balance!

  Balance, so essential for a healthy and happy life,

as it is the same for all living things.

For us humans, it's not always so simple, because most of our suffering is created mindlessly.

(Mindless is the absence of conscious thought)

Our depression, anxiety, diet issues, career,

finance, and romantic dis-orders,

are all caused by an imbalance.

Often we can't seem to get ahead of it,

or even a find a path out of it.

I personally struggled with multiple dis-orders for a long time, until I decided to do something about it!

I started studying about limiting beliefs and manifesting abundance.

You've heard of these before I'm sure.

   Well, digging into my own limiting beliefs,

literally changed my life!

Things started to change, like my outlook about life, and my mindset about who I Am.

Manifesting Abundance suddenly became REAL, and now only a few years later,

I'm a Certified Life and Health Coach,

and a Certified Mindfulness Teacher.

I have diplomas in Buddhism, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Holistic Health!

  What I do now is help people do what I have done...consciously create my best life.

  Now, together we create a Healthy and Sustainable NEW Balance...Holistic Style, just for you.

I don't leave you with a void, and it's that void that causes people to fall back into unhealthy

habits, and why most diets fail.

  All of my programs are designed to help you find your best self, and propel that self where ever it wish's to go! In essence becoming...

Mindfully Whole; a balanced and thriving human being!

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Mindfulness Meditations Classes
Awareness, Being Present, and Non-Judgment.

"Everything is based on the mind, is led by the mind, and is fashioned by the mind. If you speak and act with a positive mind, Happiness will follow you!" The Buddha.


 is here to help you take ownership of the

Mental, Physical, and Spiritual balance you deserve.

  Join a live Mindful Meditation Class or use the

video replay for your own private practice.

I will present a new class theme each Sunday, live,

for you to join in, and utilize throughout the week.

Sundays begin with a morning  "Awaken to Life" class and end with an evening "Back to Presence" class.

These Mindfulness Classes teach us how to manage thoughts and subsequent stress, anxiety, and reactions. You learn how to 'turn off' your

fight or flight mode and 'turn on' your

Rest and Relaxation state! 

Mindfulness practice helps us to balance our emotional health...and find Peace of Mind!


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"Every obstacle we encounter is actually the universe trying to lead us back to a mindful balance! It is our natural state of being" TDA



It begins with just one conscious breath!

"A state of deep peace, which is attained when the mind is silent or focused on one simple thing, and is in the present moment."

theMindfulCoach Meditation Programs

are specifically written to address your particular need.

My most popular meditations focus on:

Breathe Away Stress

Anger into Energy

Break for Self Compassion

Releasing Anxiety

Life Vision

Affectionate Breathing

Tapping Into Gut Instinct

Mind, Body Scan

Breathing Space

"I have personally fought, and have overcome many of these issues. In hindsight, it was only when I stopped fighting, that I learned first hand how

powerful meditations can be!

I was lucky enough to find the right guides,

at the right time.

I now hope that my guidance can empower others. 

A big part of theMindfulWhole's creation was my

desire to 'pay it forward'."


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BodhiTree (2).jpg


We all need Movement in our lives, and the benefits to Mind, Body, & Soul are almost immeasurable! There are a huge list of options depending on our individual needs. Athletes and competitors need a solid 'exercise' routine for performance. The rest of us only need 'Movement' for a healthy balance. Yoga and Tai Chi are two of my favorites with incredible benefits for Holistic Health!

Both will be available soon with beginner level classes. CLICK HERE: to join a class

theMindfulBody is here to elevate your Life with a new Healthier Balance...Holistic Style!



Next Level Service

This is for those want to go ALL IN.

Clients often find a deep Holistic Connection through my coaching and mindfulness classes.

Many want to continue that experience on

higher levels.

I created theMindfulWarrior Program for anybody who wants to create a balanced Holistic lifestyle.

I  will build you a Personal Holistic Health Plan.

This includes services and products that compliment each other, and your health.

I will help you make the best choices to

continue your path. 

Your plan may combine; Advanced Habit Change Coaching, Meditation, Movement, Mindfulness Challenges, Essential Oils, Crystal Healing or Holistic Health Products. Now that you are a Balanced and Thriving Human Being, it's time to create a new

Mindful Warrior!

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All natural essential oils, and organic supplements for sleep, mood, and bodily function improvement. Holistic protein bars to energize your day, and Sea Moss to supplement essential vitamins and minerals! We have nutrient rich, all natural soap and shampoo. Many other products are currently being reviewed to ensure theMindfulWhole quality standards are met.

theMindfulProducts  are here to elevate your Life with a new Healthier Balance...Holistic Style!

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Silver Fern Brand

Live Well

At Silver Fern™ Brand, we believe that you were designed to be great, to do amazing things with your life, and to reach your fullest potential! We also believe that your health will either help you or hinder you on your journey. We know that choosing products can be confusing and overwhelming. For that reason, we’ve carefully formulated unique products that are designed to improve your health.  Made from Science-backed, and third party-tested quality ingredients, we are proud to not only take our products ourselves but give to our families as well. Our goal at Silver Fern™ Brand is developing products designed for individuals seeking to improve their lives and be the best they can be!
The Silver Fern™ Brand Name
The Silver Fern is a tree native to New Zealand with a distinct silver white coloring of the under-surface of the fronds.  The elegant shape of the fronds represent strength, resistance, and enduring power. Today, Silver Fern™ hopes to guide the way in your health and wellness journey.



Premium wellness that changes the world.
Savhera is your pathway to live well and do good. Our sustainably-produced aromatherapy products support your holistic wellness while also elevating the lives of the trafficking survivors we employ. Together, let's create a virtuous cycle of wellness that empowers all people to flourish.






"I was honestly amazed at these bars. They weigh almost twice as much as my other favorite bars. They are also YUMMY! Great flavor in all 4 of the flavors I've eaten. Great to take while hunting or fishing, and on hikes, bike rides, or for days at the beach. Build your energy back up All Naturally after the gym, yoga, dance, work, or whatever you fancy." Tda

HolisticVybez Sea Moss

Full Spectrum Sea Moss is the same wild harvested sea moss that has been intentionally dried and cured to maintain its natural color and phytonutrients

Full Spectrum Sea Moss.jpg